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Chinese Lunar Cards?

Made using LINE Brush and FotoRus on my ipod :3


Loaned for a period of 10 years to the Beauval Zoo, pandas Yuan Zai and Huan Huan arrive at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France in an airplane with their faces on it as well as being unloaded by service staff with their names on it.


It’s odd how some things make their way back into your life.. It’s almost as if the universe plays out to be your other mind, a mind that is separated from your internal state and acts upon what is active within.

I try not to think of the past too much because nothing good truely comes from it besides the lessons you learned. What is done is done and while accepting that may be a sign of defeat- it’s not— trust me.
I think to let go and look forward is harder than looking back- but overall a much better alternative.

Some one gave me this massaging bell long ago and ever since has been swallowed up by my armoir until tonight- the night I decide to find hidden art supplies…

I appreciate it for what it is and adore its beautiful colours.

I had forgotten all about it.

I don’t think I will ever make an effort to loose it or hide it, but like other things apart of my life I will just let it live within a state of surprise; allowing to pop up before me whenever it likes.

I haven’t spoken to this person in quite a while, but I hope he is doing well and hopes he receives my telepathitic thanks for this randomly nice bell massage thing, I still love the sound it makes.

P.s. and the cute pandas!